The Caravan industry and community has some very interesting examples of crockery produced by commercial pottery houses such as Constantia and Continental China. Very durable vitreous china coffee/tea sets that has to survive being knocked around without chipping or cracking. As Vintage Ceramics South Africa we are very interested to list such examples on our various Social Media platforms for people to enjoy. As with all our listed items, our aim is to photo log vintage ceramics for posterity and if there is interest, sell it to prospective buyers. Unlike Bidorbuy or Gumtree we don’t remove the items after a sale but will place SOLD as the photo caption. We will list on behalf of others and charge R 100 commission for each item regardless of value or number of items for sale in the set. The onus is then on the seller whom we present to ship the items/s bubble wrapped to customers and we are merely the middleman. For more information visit

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