Lovely example of 1970s cream crockery with floral print and unblemished gold rim. The entire set contains the typical embossed leaf and flower motif.

18 x Tea cups/saucers
17 x Coffee cups/saucers
18 x Soup plates
18 x Side plates
20 x Dinner plates
3 x Big serving plates
1 x Tea Pot
1 x Milk pot
1 x Sugar pot
1 x Gravy boat
1 x Serving Pot/Soup pot

Markings: Huguenot Royale

CIrca: 1970s

Condition: No cracks or chips. Pristine.

🌸Functional, practical and beautifully finished. It needed to attain this high standard to be included in hotel ware, caravanning crockery, the Blue Train, homeware shops and similar commercial ventures. There is a French theme running through all these sets.🌸

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